Jo Kimpton B.Ed, BA
(Art and Health)

‘I am a Pembrokeshire artist living in St. Brides close to the sea and sky that inspire much of my painting. I usually work in oil paint and my perception and experience of the Pembrokeshire Coast is central to my work.’

Painting style

Jo Kimpton has developed a self styled technique using oil paint. Her impressionistic approach explores light and dark and aims at a heart felt interpretation of colour. Jo Kimpton allows visual memory and feelings to merge as she explores the canvas with oil paint. Knowing her themes intimately she paints with warmth and aims to concentrate us in a meditative way…..a trapped moment is painted and the viewer is invited to slow down and slip from the rush of daily life.

Living on the Pembrokeshire coast Jo has become noted for her sky and seascapes.

Painting Portraits with a Narrative

Using natural pigments and specially handmade canvases Jo paints her subject with their favourite ‘treasures’ collected along life’s path – a childhood toy, antiques, jewelry. They could also be objects that imaginatively represent the sitter; perhaps flowers, designs or patterns, images from mythology, culture or contemporary life.

The classical  sight size 3/4 length paintings present a realistic image at the same time as showing the inner character.


Paintings are held in private collections throughout the British Isles and elsewhere.

Jo often holds solo exhibitions but has also contributed in many joint showings and her work can sometimes be viewed at

Joanna Field Gallery, Torch Theatre, Milford Haven

Druidstone Hotel, Broadhaven, Pembrokeshire

Picton Castle, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire
Trinity College, Carmarthen
The Museum of Modern Art, Machynlleth, Powys
West Ox Arts, Bampton, Oxfordshire

Solo exhibitions

2018 Joanna Field Gallery, Torch Theatre, Milford Haven –  December

2018 Druidstone Hotel, Broadhaven June – July
2016 Druidstone Hotel, Broadhaven July 1 – September 30th
2014 Joanna Field Gallery, Torch Theatre, Milford Haven 3 – 29 Nov
2014 Cloister’s Gallery, St. David’s Cathedral 22 April – 5 May
2012 Cliff Cottage, St. Brides. 22 April – 27 April – Time and Tide
2011 Cloister’s Gallery, St. David’s Cathedral – The Lonely Sea and the Sky
2010 Cloister’s Gallery, St. David’s Cathedral -To See a World
2009 Cloister’s Gallery, St. David’s Cathedral – On a Wing and a Prayer
2008 Cloister’s Gallery, St. David’s Cathedral – Into the Light